This is not an emergency

I’m at the Doctor’s office now.  My stomach is a little nervous, I can’t tell if its because of the Green Tea and AIP compliant Vanilla Power Balls or if its that I’m about to go in to see the doctor.  I slipped on the flooring— coincidentally the same “driftwood” tiling that we put in our kitchen this past month.  The remainder of the snow and ice was enough to slip on.  My heart beating quickly, is finally starting to calm.  Then I log in, and my health insurance card is coming back inactive.  I’m a little worried.  I thought the insurance is good for three years.  I am wondering if thats not true.  Whats going to happen today? Will I need to pay out of pocket?  How could I afford that?  I am also of the mind that I should be paying for the care I really want.

So, today as I want to be seen, and I want to investigate whats going on, I am paying $105, out of pocket. I spent 47 minutes on the phone with my provider.  I found that we have been out of coverage since July 31, 2016.  Oh my.  How fortunate we have been to not have an emergency in that time.

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