6 Months Later…

I find my heart in good health.  From every which way the cardiologist can tell, everything is perfect.  What a celebration!

Every great while, I’ll get a momentary pang, ping or ache somewhere in my chest.  I’ve now taught myself to pause and listen. In these surprising moments of reflection I pay attention to what’s happening—especially within my emotions, especially within my environment.  Chances are, I am reacting to something or someone I can’t control.  This happens involuntarily and unconsciously.  However, after the fact, I can utilize the pain as a point of self reflection.   If I let my energy speak for itself, and I let my mind hear it, I can take better care of my body.

At present I am listening to Dave Asprey’s “Head Strong.” I am elated to hear science supporting what I’ve gathered from the medical intuitive for years. Really. I had these insights into what foods I should be eating YEARS before I was able to implement the changes in my diet.  I really do have a curiosity about that fact.  What’s so hard about putting a carrot in my mouth instead of a hotdog? (see Onion video below).  I needed to go through a great deal of suffering and really find my “now or never” moment to change.  Yep.  The loss of time can’t be helped now.  But yet, part of me wants to understand my own delay in acting. Maybe it can help someone else.

In the meanwhile, I am learning a lot of the scientific reasons why an elimination diet like the one I have been on, works.  I am learning about why being keto-adaptive is so important.  And I am seeing that there are very real actions that I can take on a daily basis to effect the outcome of my day (from an energy standpoint).  I love that Dave’s book empowers the reader with provable, science based information as well as tons of his own personal anecdotes.

If I let my intellect follow a thought, theory or inquiry as far as it can, I often find exactly what I need to heal something or take care of myself better.  And that’s satisfying.

Laugh much?  36 seconds view time.  From the Onion: Just Eat a Goddamn Vegetable


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