EKG Normal

After I saw my primary care doctor that day I found the EKG came back normal.  That was good news.  Although I remained unconvinced.   The doctor didn’t seem to think that my difficulty taking deep breaths is anything more than anxiety.  I shared that I have a homeopathic remedy for that.  And she did see fit to remind me that homeopathic are drugs.  I must have been slow on the uptake because she repeated it.  “You know those are drugs.”  Yeah, I do know.  I do know their side effects too— homeopathics don’t have any known side effects.  I suppose that was the edge— the one where I felt the rift in our belief systems and I think she did too.  She made a smile though, when I shared that I took her advice from last year’s visit and stopped drinking coffee.  There was a part of her that did look satisfied to hear that.

I left that doctors office with referrals for a chest x-ray and a cardiologist visit.  The fear of accepting something congenital and irreversible was subtle but persistent.  I was committed to doing whatever it took to rule out
“heart trouble.”

As I was leaving the building, I noticed the DO in the office adjacent.  He seemed happier, although still dogged.  He did seem more well rounded.  I felt inspired to ask if he took my insurance.  He did.  I asked if he practiced functional medicine to which he replied no.  He didn’t seem to know what it was.  I thanked him and moved on.